We’re bringing the pool shooter gaming experience into the modern era.


Most games are developed over a series of years. We have taken a different route by releasing our game in parts for our community while we work on it.

The full version of Eyeball will land by the end of 2024, but you can join our community to be a part of the exclusive journey.

Eyeball Pool Beta Gameplay

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A new challenge

Player vs Player (PvP) matches.

Players search for opponents, once paired, put their skills to the test over a game of 8-ball pool.

Time-based tournaments

Time-based tournaments will be run on a regular basis.

First entry will be free.

Subsequent tries will cost a fee when player is knocked out of their winning streak.


Comprehensive matchmaking engine to be introduced to match players with comparable skill level against one another.

Matchmaking and bot system will consider a player’s lifetime stats and XP earned.

Challenging opponents will be secured for every PvP match.

score system

Tournaments will include leaderboard using point system based on PvP accumulated winning streak.

More wins means higher rank on leader board.

Consecutive wins(win-streak) contribute more points to the leaderboard. 

Cue sticks, degradation and

Phase 2 of the game also introduces CUE stick in-game assets of varying rarity and base stat performances. For each Balldroid collectable you hold, a CUE stick of the same rarity type will be credited to the in-game inventory that you can select for games.

As in the real world of pool, the more a CUE stick is used, the more the tip begins to wear down. The CUE will eventually need to be repaired or re-tipped to maintain its performance.

In Eyeball Pool, to represent this effect, the CUE will have a health attribute that decreases the more that CUE is used. The rate of degradation will be determined by the CUE’s degradation factor. As the health factor falls, so does the performance of that CUE stick. Degraded health can be restored back to 100% health for a cost of soft in-game currency.

Chips: our soft in-game currency

One of the biggest new features is an in-game (non-tokenized) soft utility currency called CHIPS that you can use to pay entry fees which are added to the prize pot for PvP matches. CHIPS can be used to pay for CUE repairs, too.

You can get hold of CHIPs by competing in PvP matches, time-based event tournaments, mini games or quests and you can purchase them outright through packs sold in the game shop.

Daily login incentives will also be added as a source of CHIPS for players to get started — players who own multiple Balldroid collectibles will enjoy a multiplier added to their daily login rewards.

Endorsed By The No. 1  All Star Pool Player

Efren Bata Reyes

"It doesn't matter how good you are if you are not shooting"